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      Summer Rae, real name Danielle Moinet, is proof that you can do anything with hard work and passion. Before debuting in WWE, she was a player for the LFL's Chicago Bliss, where she became one of the best players in the league. After signing with WWE in 2011, Rae debuted in FCW, and quickly made a name for herself as the First Lady of NXT, Fandango's dancer, and a talented in-ring competitor. All of her hard work and passion has got her to the top of the Divas division in just a year's time span. Not only is she a top valet and one of the best female in-ring competitors on the main roster, but she is also the newest cast member of E!'s Total Divas, and the first WWE Diva to land a role in a WWE Studios film, The Marine 4, coming in 2015! Get your shades and sunscreen, because it's Summer time all year long!


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    RAW Results July 21, 2014
      Posted by on Jul,21 2014 / Filed under Uncategorized  

    Much like Sunday night at Payback, Summer Rae and Layla came out to the ring with Zack Ryder, Fandango’s opponent for the evening.

    Ryder hit his finisher on Fandango, but while covering, Fandango’s leg was on the rope, until Layla pushed it off, helping Ryder pick up the win. After the match, Summer and Layla got in the ring to celebrate with Ryder and taunt Fandango, before covering Zack Ryder’s face with kisses!

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    Battleground 2014 Results
      Posted by on Jul,20 2014 / Filed under Uncategorized  

    Fandango was set to take on Adam Rose on the WWE Battleground pre-show, and Adam Rose came out with two special rosebuds, Layla and Summer Rae!

    During the match, Summer and Layla led the rosebuds around the ring, while dancing and humming Adam Rose’s theme song, distracting Fandango, who got out of the ring to ask Summer and Layla what they were doing. Layla slapped Fandango on one cheek, then Summer slapped the other, and they continued to dance around the ring while Adam Rose pinned Fandango.

    Winner: Adam Rose

    After the match Summer and Layla kissed Fandango on the cheeks to end the segment.

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    SmackDown Results July, 2014
      Posted by on Jul,18 2014 / Filed under Uncategorized  

    In a backstage segment, Summer Rae and Layla are chatting, before Fandango approaches them, and tells them he’s looking forward to seeing them both in action. Fandango says he wants to wipe the slate clean, and he knows that once he wins the Intercontinental title, Summer and Layla will be right back on his arms. Summer and Layla tell Fandango they don’t want to share him and they don’t want him to be a part of their lives anymore. Summer and Layla tell him that they deserve better than an egotistical, manipulative, flamingo dancer (while mocking his dancing).

    We return from commercial, and Summer Rae and Layla are in the ring, dancing together to Summer’s theme song, before AJ and Paige make their entrances.

    The match starts with Summer and AJ. Summer dances around, before shoving AJ, and dancing some more, into the splits. AJ runs up behind Summer and kicks her. AJ hits Summer with a kick to the stomach and a neck-breaker, before going for a cover. Summer quickly kicks out and tags in Layla, while AJ tags in Paige.

    Layla gets the better of Paige, and Summer shouts “that’s my friend” before Layla tags her back in. Layla runs the ropes, hitting a drop kick on Paige, then Summer runs the ropes and also hits a hard kick to Paige, before pinning her. Paige kicks out and Summer tries to whip her into the corner, but Paige reverses and whips Summer into the corner instead. Paige runs at Summer, and Summer throws Paige over the ropes and onto the apron, before trying to punch Paige, who reverses into a headbutt. Paige pulls Summer through the top rope before doing her signature knee to the face a few times. Layla tries to distract Paige, but Paige kicks her off the apron. Paige clotheslines Summer and hits a hard kick before AJ tags herself back in. AJ immediately locks in the Black Widow on Summer, and she has no choice but to tap out.

    Winners: AJ Lee and Paige

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    RAW Results July 14, 2014
      Posted by on Jul,15 2014 / Filed under Uncategorized  

    Fandango VS Dolph Ziggler was going on in the ring, when Fandango’s music randomly started playing, confusing Dolph and Fadnango. We then see Summer Rae and Layla on the announce table, dancing around, distracting Fandango, causing him to lose the match to Dolph Ziggler.

    After their distraction, Summer and Layla get in the ring, before dancing around Dolph Ziggler, showing him some love, kissing him on the cheeks, all while Fandango watches from the corner. Summer and Layla dance with Dolph in the ring to end the segment.

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    SmackDown Results July 11th, 2014
      Posted by on Jul,11 2014 / Filed under Uncategorized  


    Fandango vs. Adam Rose is next. Summer Rae accompanied Adam Rose to the ring. Before the match could really get going, Summer Rae attacked Layla. Fandango tried to split up the brawl on the outside, but got counted out in the process. He entered the ring and Adam Rose hit the Party Foul on Fandango, before leaving with his party people and Summer Rae.

    Later, Summer Rae takes on Layla in a Money in the Bank rematch, with Fandango as special guest referee again. To start the match, Layla kisses Fandango, to Summer’s disgust. Summer then kisses Fandango too. Both girls try to attack each other, but Fandango separates them before grinding in the middle ring. Both Divas look warily at Fandango, before attacking him! The two Divas work together to attack Fandango, who ducks out of the ring.

    After some hesitation and a mini dance off, Summer Rae and Layla unite and dance together as Fandango watches on the ramp, upset that he lost both women.

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    NXT Results July 10th, 2014
      Posted by on Jul,11 2014 / Filed under Uncategorized  


    Match Number One: Bayley versus Summer Rae in a Number One Contender Match

    Summer misses a charge into the corner when Bayley moves. Bayley sends Summer’s head into the turnbuckles and then she goes into the middle turnbuckle in another corner. Bayley sends Summer into the bottom turnbuckle and gets a near fall. Bayley with a wrist lock but Summer with an Irish whip. Bayley with an elbow and an arm drag.

    Bayley with a drop toe hold and then she floats over and applies an arm bar. Bayley with another float over and then Bayley slams Summer. Summer goes to the floor and Bayley follows. Summer gets back into the ring and she connects with a bicycle kick and gets a near fall. Summer stretches Bayley but Bayley gets her shoulders off the mat to avoid being pinned in the hold.

    We se Charlotte in the back looking at a monitor.

    Back in the ring, Bayley gets a near fall. Summer slams Bayley’s head into the mat and then she pulls Bayley’s headband off. Summer stretches Bayley in the ropes and she gets a near fall. Summer drives Bayley’s head into the mat and she gets a near fall. Bayley with a waist lock but Summer with a modified DDT and she rolls through. Bayley blocks the round kick and Summer’s face is sent into the mat.

    Bayley backs Summer into the corner and she connects with a series of shoulders. Bayley with running double sledges to Summer and then Bayley with a running shoulder into the corner and a back elbow. Bayley with a suplex for a near fall. Summer with a spinning back heel kick for a near fall.

    Summer runs into a boot from Bayley and then Bayley with a back elbow. Summer escapes the belly-to-belly suplex and Summer hits the Summer Crush and gets the three count.

    Winner: Summer Rae

    We see Charlotte in the back and she is still watching the monitor.

    Later, we are backstage with Summer Rae and Sasha Banks. Summer says that she should be the number one contender. Sasha is shocked that Summer won. Summer says that they can still hang out, but Sasha says that is what Charlotte said. Summer tells Sasha that she will want to hang out with her when she wins the title.

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    WWE Inbox #127 – Casting Call
      Posted by on Jul,10 2014 / Filed under Uncategorized  

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