Who is Summer Rae?

Summer Rae, real name Danielle Moinet, is proof that you can do anything with hard work and passion. Before debuting in WWE, she was a player for the LFL's Chicago Bliss, where she became one of the best players in the league. After signing with WWE in 2011, Rae debuted in FCW, and quickly made a name for herself as the First Lady of NXT, Fandango's dancer, and a talented in-ring competitor. She's breezed through many roles in only a few years, working as a ring announcer, general manager, valet, reality star, and wrestler! She was known as one of the most controversial characters on E!'s "Total Divas" for two seasons, before leaving the show. Now she can be seen on WWE's weekly programming, as well as "After Total Divas", Sunday nights on WWE's YouTube channel, along with Renee Young. Another big career highlight, was becoming the first Diva to be cast in a WWE Stuios film, The Marine 4, coming later this year!

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New Layout – Version 11
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As you can tell, we have a brand new layout, designed by Pixel Topia! We hope you all love it, and be sure to stay tuned for our photo gallery to debut a new look very soon, as well!

After Total Divas – January 25, 2015
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Click here to view After Total Divas screencaptures

Summer Rae and Renee Young are joined by Rosa Mendes on this week’s episode of After Total Divas! Watch now!

Royal Rumble Ready Divas
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Click here to view the Diva Focus shoot

The Royal Rumble pay-per-view is coming up this Sunday, and WWE.com has released a new Diva Focus photoshoot with the Divas in their best gear! Check out the three gorgeous shots of Summer in our gallery!

Main Event Results January 21, 2015
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Click here to view Main Event digitals

Summer Rae competed in a one on one match against Natalya, who had Paige in her corner, on this week’s Main Event. Summer put up a good fight, but found herself getting locked up and tapping out to the Sharpshooter in the end.

Winner: Natalya

RAW Results January 19, 2015
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Summer Rae teamed up with Alicia Fox to take on Paige and Natalya in a Divas tag team match, this week on RAW. Summer’s team was defeated after Paige made Alicia tap out.

After Total Divas – January 18, 2015
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Click here to view After Total Divas screencaps

Another week means another new episode of After Total Divas, and this week, Summer and Renee were joined by the Ravishing Russian, Lana! Check it out!

Superstars Results January 16, 2015
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 Click here to view Superstars screencaps

 Cameron makes her entrance with her mirror in hand, then “Call to me!” hits, as Summer Rae steps into the arena. Summer does her signature pose on the top of the ramp, before waving and clapping fans hands on her way down to the ring.

The bell rings, and Summer is ready to go, but Cameron is still checking herself in her mirror. She sets it down and says she’s ready, but Summer decides she needs to check herself as well. Summer says “yaaass” as she checks and fixes her hair, and Cameron is not impressed. She knocks the mirror out of Summer’s hand and starts hitting a few punches and forearms to the face. Cameron whips Summer to the ropes, and Summer reverses, leaping over the top of Cameron’s hand, and elbowing her across the chest, knocking her to the ground. Summer tries to pull Cameron to the center of the ring for the cover, but Cameron crawls to the corner, telling Summer to back up. Summer runs at Cameron in the corner but Cameron moves out of the way. Summer taunts and waves at Cameron, and Cameron runs at her. Summer tries to move, but Cameron grabs her out of the ropes by her hair, slamming her backwards onto the mat. Cameron stomps on Summer, and then goes for a failed cover attempt. The crowd chants for Summer, and Cameron pushes her onto the ropes, pushing her knees into Summer’s back. The ref counts for Cameron to let go. Cameron screams at Summer and taunts the crowd before going for another failed pinfall attempt. Cameron gets Summer into a submission, pushing her legs into Summer’s back, while pulling her arms behind her. The crowd is behind Summer, and Summer tries to fight out, but Cameron brings her right back down to the mat. Another failed pinfall. Cameron gets Summer into a similar submission, but gives up when she realizes Summer isn’t tapping out. She covers Summer, and Summer kicks out at two. Cameron starts to get frustrated, and slams Summer’s face into the mat, hitting her, and yelling at the crowd to shut up. Cameron puts Summer back into the submission hold, but this time, Summer breaks out! Summer hits Cameron in the stomach to free herself, but Cameron slams her by her hair right back to the mat. Cameron steps on Summer’s stomach, and goes for a jumping leg drop, but Summer rolls out of the way! Summer screams “come on” as she runs and hits Cameron with two clotheslines, and her signature running DDT! Summer rolls on top of Cameron after the DDT, and begins punching and hitting Cameron in the face. Both Divas get up, and Cameron runs at Summer for a clothesline, Summer ducks out of the way and hits Cameron with her signature spinning heel hick! Summer goes for the cover… 1-2-3!

Winner: Summer Rae