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Summer Rae, real name Danielle Moinet, is proof that you can do anything with hard work and passion. Before debuting in WWE, she was a player for the LFL's Chicago Bliss, where she became one of the best players in the league. After signing with WWE in 2011, Rae debuted in FCW, and quickly made a name for herself as the First Lady of NXT, Fandango's dancer, and a talented in-ring competitor. She's breezed through many roles in only a few years, working as a ring announcer, general manager, valet, reality star, and wrestler! She was known as one of the most controversial characters on E!'s "Total Divas" for two seasons, before leaving the show. Now she can be seen on WWE's weekly programming, as well as "After Total Divas", Sunday nights on WWE's YouTube channel, along with Renee Young. You can also see Summer in the WWE Studios film, The Marine 4: Moving Target, alongside The Miz, available now!


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RAW Recap October 5, 2015
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Summer Rae is out in the ring, sporting her white suit, with a red under shirt, and a pink breast cancer awareness pin. She says that she keeps hearing these rumors that summer is over, but for one lucky Superstar, “Summer” is only just getting started! She then introduces Rusev to the ring. Summer starts telling Rusev about how she wanted to dedicate an entire segment to him, and the crowd interrupts with USA chants. Summer tells them how rude it is, and Rusev tells them to let the woman speak. Summer says she wanted to dedicate an entire segment on RAW to honor the one Superstar who has done more this year than any other Superstar on the roster. She then airs a tribute of him and Summer since their relationship started back in June. Rusev says he doesn’t know what to say, and tells Summer that when they first started, he did not like her at all, but as the time went on, he can’t image caring about anybody else more than her. Summer tells Rusev that she was hoping he would say that, because there’s something she has to ask him. Summer then gets down on one knee, pulls out a ring, and asks Rusev to marry her! Rusev says he doesn’t know what to say, and Summer tells him this could be the beginning for them. That they could go straight to the top, and walk out WrestleMania with it all, more than he ever had with Lana. She tells Rusev she’ll give him everything he ever dreamt of, if he just says yes. Rusev says yes, and Summer jumps up, and jumps onto Rusev, hugging him, with a huge smile on her face, before kissing him! Summer holds out Rusev’s hand, handing him the ring box to put the ring on her finger. Rusev then shocks Summer, telling her that he says yes…. but not yet, as he slams the ring box shut. Rusev says they need to prove to each other that they are worthy. He tells Summer that when he has gold around his waist, she will have gold around her finger. Summer’s mood drastically changes as her and Rusev leave the ring.

WWE Live at Madison Square Garden Results
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WWE held a special, WWE Network exclusive broadcast of their live event at Madison Square Garden this weekend, in honor of the huge Brock Lesnar VS Big Show main event. Summer Rae was on the show, coming out with Rusev, for his tag team match, in which he teamed up with Sheamus, to take on Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton. Summer clapped and cheered for her man, Rusev, and his partner Sheamus throughout the match. Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler picked up the win, after Orton pinned Sheamus. After the match, Summer Rae checks on Rusev, as he gets a mic. Rusev is upset after the loss, and calls Sheamus a “stupid non-American.” Rusev yells at Sheamus, telling him that he ruined the whole match. Rusev says he could’ve won himself, and says Sheamus is as useless as Lana. Rusev starts hitting and pushing Sheamus, telling him to get out of here, as Summer gets in the ring. Rusev thinks Sheamus exited the ring, and begins to talk about Lana some more, and turns around to a Brogue Kick from Sheamus, shocking him and Summer! Summer checks on Rusev and runs after him as he leaves.

Main Event Results September 30, 2015
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Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 1.44.48 PM

Summer Rae and Rusev open up this week’s episode of Main Event. They get in the ring, and both get a mic. Rusev says he is sick and tired of the puny American, Dolph Ziggler, for messing with him for no reason, and then trying to steal his “Hot Summer” with cheap presents. Rusev says that Summer does not sell herself for this cheap. Summer apologizes to Rusev, saying she’s not sure what got into her, and she should have thrown the earrings away. She then tries to apologize for what happened at Night Of Champions, and Rusev interrupts her, telling Summer that she’s just a woman, but nevertheless, his woman. Rusev says these stupid Americans don’t know how to treat a woman like he does. Zack Ryder’s theme hits, and he comes out to the ring for his match against Rusev. Rusev defeats Ryder with his Accolade submission, and then celebrates with Summer in the ring as the Rusev flag hangs above them.

RAW Results September 28, 2015
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Summer Rae was out with Rusev for his match against Kevin Owens. The match ended in DQ, after Ryback, Owens, and Rusev began brawling, and Rusev and Owens started teaming up to attack Ryback. Dolph Ziggler came out to make the save, and Rusev, Summer, and Owens left.

SmackDown Results September 24, 2015
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Dolph Ziggler and Ryback defeated Rusev and Kevin Owens in a tag team match, with Summer Rae at ringside.

New Diva Focus – Rugby World Cup
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WWE has released an all new Diva Focus photoshoot in honor of the Rugby World Cup. Head over to our gallery to see Summer representing team New Zealand in the all new photos!

RAW Results September 21, 2015
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Summer Rae accompanied Rusev for his match (although he seemed to want nothing to do with her after she cost him the match last night at Night Of Champions), in which he teamed up with two members of New Day, Kofi Kingston and Big E, to take on Dolph Ziggler and The Dudley Boyz in a six man tag team match. Summer danced to Xavier’s trombone during the match, and even helped him play it! Xavier climbs up onto the ring apron with his trombone to distract Dolph, and Dolph kicks him off. Xavier falls to the ground, dropping the trombone, but Summer catches it as Rusev hits Dolph with a super-kick to pick up the victory for his team.