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Summer Rae, real name Danielle Moinet, is proof that you can do anything with hard work and passion. Before debuting in WWE, she was a player for the LFL's Chicago Bliss, where she became one of the best players in the league. After signing with WWE in 2011, Rae debuted in FCW, and quickly made a name for herself as the First Lady of NXT, Fandango's dancer, and a talented in-ring competitor. She's breezed through many roles in only a few years, working as a ring announcer, general manager, valet, reality star, and wrestler! She was known as one of the most controversial characters on E!'s "Total Divas" for two seasons, before leaving the show. Now she can be seen on WWE's weekly programming, as well as "After Total Divas", Sunday nights on WWE's YouTube channel, along with Renee Young. You can also see Summer in the WWE Studios film, The Marine 4: Moving Target, alongside The Miz, available now!


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SmackDown Results September 3, 2015
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The Miz is in the ring for a segment of MizTV with Dolph Ziggler and Lana. Before bringing out his guests, he shows a rewind of everything that transpired between Summer Rae, Dolph Ziggler, and Lana this past Monday night on RAW. The Miz then says he wants to bring out the real victim, before he brings out Dolph and Lana, and he introduces Summer Rae to the ring. “Call to me” echoes through the arena, as Summer, with a new Bulgarian themed tron, her red suit, and a black eye from Lana, comes down to the ring, visibly upset. Miz tells Summer he wants her to tell the WWE Universe exactly what happened on RAW, and she says Monday night was unfortunate. Summer again explains how Dolph invited her into his locker room to bury the hatchet, so she thought, then reveals that she lied. Miz says he is shocked, and asks her if she means that her account of everything that happened on Monday night was false. Summer says that everything she said, did happen, but there is just more to the story. Summer reveals that Dolph brought her close in his arms, before kissing her, shocking the Miz once again, as the crowd chants “We Want Lana”. Summer says when Dolph kissed her it instantly went from passion…. to guilt, as she starts crying! Summer says she felt guilt because she has the most amazing man in the world in Rusev, and Dolph Ziggler seduced her, which is why she ran out of his locker room as fast as she could! Tears stream down Summer’s face as Dolph Ziggler’s theme hits, and him and Lana make their way down to the ring. Dolph says he and Lana trust each other, and Miz asks if this is true. Lana is mute. Summer tells Lana not to be naive. Summer says she’s ashamed to say that her and Dolph have had a thing on and off for a while now. She says her and Dolph’s electricity and chemistry is undeniable, and tells Lana that she needs to open her eyes. Dolph tells Lana not to listen to her, and then tells Summer the only thing that will ever be between them is a restraining order. Summer asks if he really wants to do that. She says she didn’t think she would have to sink this low, and tells Lana that there’s something she needs to see, and a video of Summer and Dolph making out in the ring on RAW last summer starts playing. After seeing the video, Miz is shocked, Dolph is embarrassed, and Lana is angry. Dolph begins apologizing to Lana and trying to explain it to her, and Miz exclaims what a terrible situation this is. Summer begins taunting Dolph and Lana, asking Dolph if it was last Thursday, or if it was last Friday, pushed against the glass at the Sheraton, or was it last Saturday morning at the Rit- and she’s cut off, as Lana runs up and attacks her, knocking her out of her seat, slamming Summer to the mat, before punching her a few times. Dolph pulls Lana away, then Lana pushes him, before walking out on him. He follows her out of the ring. Summer shouts at Lana, screaming “you can’t handle the truth, you bitch” as she takes off her pump, throwing at at Lana. She continues yelling, telling Lana she can’t handle the truth, and calling her a bitch, as Lana leaves, with Dolph tailing behind.

Take a look inside Summer’s Iron Man magazine shoot
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WWE has released a new behind the scenes look at Summer’s Iron Man Magazine shoot on their YouTube page. Check it out, and be sure to pick up a copy of the September issue of Iron Man Magazine, out now!

Unfiltered with Renee Young Recap
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On an all new episode of Unfiltered with Renee Young, Renee is joined by Summer Rae where they enjoy some breakfast while chatting about Summer’s time in the LFL, working with Marvel, her journey to the WWE, and much, much more! Watch now on the WWE Network, and check out a little preview below!

Summer Rae: ‘Iron Man’s’ Maiden
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Check out what WWE.com had to say about the release of Summer Rae’s spread in Iron Man Magazine below! Click here to view scans from the September issue of Iron Man Magazine, and here to view a few HQ photos from the photoshoot!

A nine-hour photo shoot would be enough to put anyone in a sour mood. Yet, to hear Summer Rae discuss her recent “Iron Man” magazine shoot for the September 2015 issue (available now) that crept right near 10 hours long, she sounds as upbeat and chipper as anyone can.

“‘Iron Man’ loved my message about having a healthy lifestyle,” Summer told WWE.com, who secured the photo shoot with the premier bodybuilding magazine’s editors after catching their collective eye with her impressive work on WWE television and through her activity on social media. “I got the shoot on my own, which I am very proud of.”

However, for as rewarding as the shoot itself was, “Hot” Summer is the first to admit that there is a good amount of work involved as well.

“I was dieting leading up to [the shoot],” she explained. “Five days before, I began carb cycling and pulled water.”

Rusev’s main squeeze also revealed some interesting pre-shoot rituals that may surprise the WWE Universe.

“I usually eat a [candy bar] beforehand,” Summer said with a giggle. “I am very depleted before a shoot like that and low on sugar. This time, though, I went with rice cakes and almond butter.”

Regardless of the pre-shoot meal, the regimen rendered successful results for the magazine and interview, where she also discussed the difficulties of her training and her approach to fan interactions. When speaking with WWE.com about the latter, Summer cited a great piece of advice she received from Zeb Colter when she first started traveling with WWE.

“Zeb would say he is never bothered when people asked him for an autograph; when I should be bothered is when they stop asking.”

In the interview, Summer stressed how much she loves fans’ support, and wants to make them proud. From her point of view, if fans wanting to interact with her is her worst problem, “then things are pretty good.”

Summer also opened up to “Iron Man” magazine about a cause very near and dear to her, a charity her family started up entitled The Dean Thomas Moinet Foundation. According to the Diva, the foundation is “for medically fragile children in North Carolina,” and aims to provide free residency for families during hospital stays.

“Housing is the last thing families should have to worry about during that time,” she said.

The WWE Universe can pick up Summer Rae’s issue of “Iron Man” magazine now on the Iron Magazine website or at local magazine providers to get an even more revealing insight on the blonde beauty. It’s Summer(‘s) time.

Iron Man Magazine – September Edition
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Click here to view scans from the magazine

Click here to view photos from the Iron Man shoot

The September issue of Iron Man Magazine hits news stands TODAY, September 1st, and you do not want to miss your chance of getting a copy! Our very own Summer Rae has a huge, six page spread (with some drop dead gorgeous photos) in the magazine, where she talks about how she dropped everything to move to Chicago to change her life, her life as a WWE Diva, her fitness and meal plans, and much more! She also makes a little appearance on the cover of the magazine! You can buy the magazine on the Iron Man website by clicking here, or you can buy a physical copy at any newsstand or store, such as Barnes and Noble or Walmart! Be sure to tweet Summer a pic of it when you get it! Who knows, you may get a retweet! I also just wanted to add a personal congratulations to Summer for this incredible opportunity, which she got herself! The spread and photos are phenomenal! Congrats, again! You can head over to our gallery to view HQ scans from the magazine, now!

RAW Results August 31, 2015
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Rusev, with Summer Rae, took on Dolph Ziggler, with Lana, in a SummerSlam rematch. Dolph won via disqualification, after Summer got into the ring and attacked Dolph, before brawling with Lana in the ring. Afterwards, Renee Young interviews Dolph backstage about his win, and Dolph says that’s not the way he wants to win, and we aren’t done seeing the Bulgarian brute. He then mentions for Summer to start staying out of his matches, before walking into his locker room. As Renee talks about what else is to come on RAW, we see Summer in the background, sneaking into Dolph’s locker room. Later, Ryback is being interviewed backstage, when he’s interrupted by Summer Rae cackling as she runs down the hallway. We then see Dolph opening the door of his locker room, naked, but wrapped in a towel, looking panicked. Later in the night, Dolph and Lana are backstage talking, and Lana is visibly upset. Dolph tells her that nothing happened between him and Summer, and Lana asks Dolph how he thinks it makes her feel like Summer saw him naked, getting out of the shower. Dolph tells Lana he grabbed a towel the second he saw Summer standing there, and she only saw him naked for “like two seconds” before reminding Lana again, that nothing happened, before Lana walks away, saying nothing to Dolph. But that’s not all! Renee Young introduces Lana for an interview, and tells Lana she interviewed Summer about what happened with Dolph during the commercial break. Summer’s interview is then shown. Renee asks Summer what possessed her to go into Dolph’s locker room, and Summer says she was walking down the hallway, and Dolph popped his head out of the door, and said he wanted to talk, making it seem like he wanted to make things better between himself, her, Lana, and Rusev, and Summer said that’s all she wants to do as well, so she accepted and went in. Summer says she told him she’d hear him out, and the next thing she knew, he was getting undressed in front of her, stripping down naked. Summer says she was mesmerized and speechless, and didn’t know what to do. Summer says Dolph invited her into the shower with him, and she was captivated, and that she will never forget the image of the water dripping down his glistening body. Summer says Dolph got out of the shower, slowing walking towards her, giving her “the look”. Summer says that’s when she realized he was trying to seduce her, but she couldn’t, because of Rusev, so she quickly ran out of his locker room. Summer tells Renee that she will never forget the image of Dolph Ziggler naked in front of her. We go back to Lana, who’s with Renee, and she is starting to cry. She walks away, visibly upset after what she’s just seen. Afterwards, it was announced that Lana and Dolph Ziggler will make an appearance on MizTV this Thursday night on SmackDown.

SmackDown Results August 27, 2015
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Rusev, with Summer Rae, teamed up with Big Show to take on Dolph Ziggler, with Lana, and Ryback in a tag team match on this week’s episode of SmackDown. Big Show was about to put Dolph Ziggler away, when Rusev tags himself in, and goes for his signature Accolade submission. Big Show gives Rusev the Knock-Out punch, which gets Dolph out of the Accolade, before leaving the match. Dolph pins Rusev to get the victory for his team.