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JBL & Cole Show – Road Trip of Enlightenment
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SmackDown Results September 26, 2014
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This week on SmackDown, Summer Rae and Layla teamed up to take on Summer’s biggest enemy, Natalya, and the newest member of Total Divas, Rosa Mendes!

Summer and Layla worked great together, proving they truly are SLayers, dominating most of the match, and picking up the win after Layla pinned Rosa Mendes.

Winners: Summer Rae and Layla

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New Layout – Version Ten
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As you can see, we have a brand new layout, designed by the amazingly talented, David Alexander! We hope you guys like it, and be sure to check back to SummerRaeDaily, your official fansite for WWE Diva, E! reality star, and actress, for over two years, for all the latest on Summer Rae!

Diva Focus- Unseen Diva Photos
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Click to View Unseen Diva Photos

You see the Divas every week, but you’ve never seen them from these angles. WWE.com presents a never-before-seen look at sports-entertainment’s leading ladies in this exclusive gallery taken straight from the cutting room floor.

RAW Results September 22, 2014
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Summer Rae and Layla are in the ring as “Rush of Power” is playing in the arena. The SLayers giggle to each other and pretend to take selfies, until Natalya makes her entrance, with Rosa Mendes by her side. We are shown a clip from the previous episode of Total Divas, in which Summer and Nattie got into a fight on the side of the road after arguing throughout the car ride.

We go back to the ring where Summer Rae is on the mic, telling the crowd how it’s so hard being the most attractive person in the room. Summer says that jealous breeds hatred, and that’s why Nattie is always so rude to her. Summer says she doesn’t need Nattie, the Total Divas, or any of the fans to be her friend, because summertime is over for all of them, except the SLayers, of course!

Summer has a good showing in the match, hitting a one of her signature spinning heel kicks, and locking in some great submissions, but after the distractions from Layla failed, Natalya made Summer tap-out to the Sharpshooter.

Winner: Natalya

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Total Divas Recap – Episode #3: Roadside Rumble
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This week on Total Divas, Summer Rae was finally back on the show, after being away for few episodes, as she was in Canada filming The Marine 4.

We first see Summer when Eva Marie, Nattie, and Nikki Bella are backstage at SmackDown watching a Summer Rae segment from June, when Summer was disguised as a rosebud, before she attacked Layla. Nattie throws a bit of shade when she sees that Summer is back, saying “ew” and “she looks like a damn chicken” with a disgusted look on her face. Nattie says that Summer is the drama queen, before we are shown flashbacks of Summer fighting with Brie Bella, arguing with Eva Marie, and slapping Natalya from last season.

Nattie and Rosa Mendes are in the gym, when Summer walks in, greeting and hugging Rosa, as a confessional of Summer talking about being gone filming The Marine 4 plays in the background. We are shown some never before seen clips of Summer filming the movie (which looks so bad ass, I might add)! As they ask Summer about the movie, Rosa asks if there was any cute guys, and Summer tells them only married ones. Nattie throws some more shade, telling Summer she’s surprised that she didn’t hook up with any of them. Rosa asks Summer how she feels about Layla being Fandango’s new valet, and as Summer tries to answer, Nattie interrupts with some more hate towards Summer, saying Layla is “killing it”, and she actually compliments Fandango. Summer then says she agree. Rosa says how some of the Divas may be jealous, and Nattie says nobody will be jealous, and mentions that Nikki and Brie got the Flintstones and AJ got Scooby Doo. Summer begins to talk and Nattie hints for Summer to leave, telling her she needs to finish her workout.

Later we see Rosa inviting Summer Rae to ride when her and Nattie, and Nattie is of course unhappy when she finds out. As soon as they’re in the car, Nattie and Summer begin bickering back and fourth, mainly about how Nattie claims Summer caused her a lot of nose problems after slapping her a while back. They continue arguing and fighting, while Rosa tries to get them to stop. Nattie calls Summer a “classless, trashy person” and Summer brings up Nattie’s husband, TJ, asking her if this is how she treats him, and saying this is why they have problems. Nattie pulls to the side of the road, before throwing Summer’s luggage out onto the street. Nattie yells at Summer from outside the car, saying she’s gonna drag Summer out by her “cheap ass hair”. Summer tells Nattie her hair is real, and Nattie’s looks like a “f*cking mullet”. Summer slams the car door shut, and Nattie opens it, yanking Summer out by her hair. Summer says she’s calling a cab and won’t get back in the car, and Nattie pushes her into the middle of the road. Summer tells her to “get the f*ck off” and tells Rosa she needs to get her friend, as she pushes Nattie back. Rosa gets in between the girls as she yells at them to stop. Nattie begins walking away, and Summer tells her to keep walking, saying she needs the exercise, and Nattie claims that Summer’s legs are covered in cellulite. Summer says her legs made tons of money last year, and the girls continue to argue. Rosa gets Summer and Nattie to calm down, before taking control of the car, and telling them to get back in and not talk to each other.

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SmackDown Results September 12, 2014
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NXT rivals, Summer Rae and Paige, competed in their first ever singles match on the main roster this week on SmackDown. The match was very short, after Paige made Summer Rae tap out to AJ’s finishing submission, the Black Widow.

Winner: Paige

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