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Third Annual Summer Rae Birthday Project!
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For the past two years, Summer Rae Daily has brought fans, friends, and family of Summer Rae together in one post full of birthday messages for the dazzling Diva, and we’re doing it again, for the third year in a row, but this time I’m not at it alone! My good friend Jack, from LanaFansite.com, is teaming up with me to put together the biggest and best Summer Rae birthday project yet!

Below, you’ll find the contact form, in which you can quickly and easily send us your birthday message for Summer! We’d prefer that you keep your message short and sweet, and don’t forget to leave your name and Twitter username so Summer knows who the message is from! Summer’s birthday falls the day after Thanksgiving this year (which is next week), so there’s no time to waste! Send in your birthday message and spread the word now!

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Summer Rae does media in Frankfurt, Germany
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Click here to view the HQ photos

Summer Rae looked ravishing in her red fringe ring gear while doing media in Frankfurt, Germany yesterday before the final show of WWE’s European tour, along with Alicia Fox and Dolph Ziggler. Summer, Alicia, and Dolph posed with former German national goalkeeper, Tim Wiese, who came out to the WWE event.

Head over to our gallery to view the 8 HQ pictures, thanks to Dev of FinnBalor.com!

WWE wraps Fall 2014 European Tour
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Click here to view the Fall 2014 European tour digitals

The WWE Superstars and Divas have just returned to the states from another overseas tour! Summer Rae traveled and wrestled in Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, and Germany, along with fellow Divas, Layla, Emma, Alicia Fox, Cameron, Naomi, and Natalya! Be sure to head over to our gallery to see all the official WWE digitals of Summer on the UK tour!

SmackDown Results November 14, 2014
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Click here to view SmackDown digitals

Summer Rae was ringside this week on SmackDown, supporting her bestie, Layla, as she went one on one with Natalya. During the match, Layla knocked Natalya out of the ring, and Summer had a little laugh! Natalya wasn’t too happy about that, so she slapped Summer across the face, before throwing Layla into Summer, leaving Summer on the ground as her and Layla went back into the ring to finish the match.

Winner: Natalya

SmackDown Results November 7, 2014
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Click here to view SmackDown digitals

Natalya is making her entrance, with her husband Tyson Kidd by her side, as we are shown a segment from the WWE app. We see Summer Rae and Layla backstage, talking with Tyson about his win this past Monday on RAW, when Natalya comes up and basically tells them to mind their own business.

Summer Rae, with Layla, makes her entrance next, and the Divas are off in one on one action. Tyson Kidd is on commentary for the match, bragging about his recent matches, when Michael Cole tells him that he should be supporting his wife instead. Tyson gets up and goes ringside, where he cheers for Nattie, who’s attempting to get Summer into the Sharpshooter, but instead, his “support” distracts Natalya, allowing Summer Rae to get a kick in, and roll Natalya up for the victory!

Winner: Summer Rae

Having Breakfast with Summer Rae!
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Last week I was honored to have the chance to not only meet, but hang out and have breakfast with Summer Rae, and so many people have been asking me how I got to do it and what it was like, so I decided to write a little bit about it on the site!

A few weeks ago I DMd Summer about an upcoming WWE event in Texas, in which she offered me free tickets to. We planned the meet up over the next couple of days, and after the long, anxious wait, and a ten hour drive to San Antonio, it happened, and it was more than worth it!

We decided to meet at Denny’s for breakfast in San Antonio, and I got there a few minutes before her. I saw Summer walking up through the window and immediately started freaking out. I met her at the door and we hugged as we walked back to the table. “I’m so overdressed for Denny’s” she said, laughing. We got back to the table and Summer was beyond sweet. She was so down to Earth and treated me like a friend, as opposed to just some fan. The waitress even recognized Summer, asking her for a autograph on a coffee filter when she came back to get Summer’s drink order, and Summer was more than happy to sign her first coffee filter and take a picture with the waitress.

Summer reached in her purse and pulled out her phone, noticing she had a missed call from her mom. She called her back and handed me the phone, telling me to say hi and tell her who it is. Summer’s mom is a big supporter of Summer Rae Daily and visits the site often, so I was thrilled to get the chance to talk to her for a minute on the phone!

Summer ordered pancakes and eggs, as did I, and we sat and talked for nearly two hours. During those two hours more of the very sweet Denny’s staff came over, asking Summer for pictures and autographs, which Summer gladly signed and posed for. By this time, everybody in the Denny’s was staring and whispering about Summer, and the non-WWE / Total Divas fans seemed very curious as to who she was. It was weird having all eyes on our table!

After we finished eating, it was time for selfies, of course! We had to find the perfect lighting, so we slid into an empty booth and took selfies, which we then had to approve of! “Let’s take one of those ‘that’s not our business’ drinking pics” Summer said. I sat next to her and we posed for my favorite picture of the day, sipping our drinks.

After we took some pics, we sat back down and Summer showed me pictures on her phone and chatted with us a little bit more until it was time for her to go to the arena for RAW. As we walked out, we stopped outside the Denny’s to take a few more pictures, hugged and said goodbye!

Later that night, we got to the arena for RAW, and went to the “will call” section of the box office. They handed us the envelope with our tickets in it, and I freaked out as I opened it and realized we not only had floor seats, but second row, ringside seats! Of course, I had to DM Summer and say thank you for the amazing tickets, and she told me that she would be be having a match on Superstars, so to make sure I got in as soon as doors opened so I wouldn’t miss it! So in one day I had breakfast with Summer Rae, got ringside tickets to RAW from her, and got to see her wrestle live in the first match on the TV taping!

Last Monday was one of the most fun days of my life and thanks to Summer, an experience I will never forget. Having breakfast with a WWE Superstar doesn’t just happen everyday, and the fact that Summer took the time out of her day to come hang out with me for two hours means so much, and shows what a humble and amazing person she is. Sitting ringside at RAW was something I would have never got to do if it wasn’t for Summer, and I’m so proud to call her not only my favorite WWE Diva, but a friend. She’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting and after last Monday, I became an even bigger Summer Rae fan than I already was, which I didn’t know was possible!

New Diva Focus: Halloween Divas – 2014
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Click here to view the “Halloween Divas – 2014″ photos

Not only did we get the gorgeous House of Haunted Divas photoshoot earlier this week, but WWE has released another Halloween themed Diva shoot, with the Divas in their Halloween costumes from the SmackDown battle royal. Summer looked amazing, rocking a nerdy school girl look! Check out the photos in our gallery, and Happy Halloween!

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