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Danielle Moinet was born in Manhasset, New York on November 28, 1983 to parents from England and France, but was raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, and she’s no stranger to success. She graduated from East Carolina University with a business marketing degree, and played for the Chicago Bliss LFL team, in which she became one of the best players in the league, but she is best known to the world as WWE Diva, Summer Rae! Danielle signed to WWE in 2011, where she debuted as Summer Rae ... Read More
Who is Summer Rae?

Danielle Moinet has had an interesting resume! From working in plumbing and being forklift certified, to competing in the Lingerie Football League, and now she’s best known as WWE Diva, Summer Rae. She signed to WWE in 2011, and quickly made a name for herself in the company as the FCW general manager, First Lady of NXT, Fandango’s dance partner, an in-ring competitor, the star of Total Divas season two, the first WWE Diva to be cast in a WWE Studios film, the co-host of After Total Divas, Rusev’s girlfriend for the summer of 2015, and now she can be seen as the selfie taking girlfriend of Tyler Breeze!

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  • The Marine 4: Moving Target, starring The Miz and Summer Rae, is available now on Blu-Ray, DVD, and digital HD!
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Summer Rae joined Eden on this week’s episode of Eden’s Style! Watch now!

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Summer returned to the ring for the first time since June for two live events in New Delhi, India on Friday and Saturday night. Summer went one on one against Charlotte for the Divas Championship both nights! Digitals from both of the live events can be found in our gallery!

Click here to view night one digitals

Click here to view night two digitals

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Summer Rae posed on the red carpet at WWE’s VIP red carpet event to promote their live events coming up this weekend in India on Thursday night in New Delhi. Tyler Breeze, Darren Young, Titus O’ Neal, and more were also a part of the event.

Summer will be returning to the ring for the first time since June for this weekend’s shows in New Delhi.

Click here to view the event photos

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Summer Rae recently worked with Christos Sewell and Paul Heyman, for a gorgeous Heyman Hustle photoshoot, and after months of anticipation, set one of the shoot has dropped today!

Click here to view all of set one


If you search Google (or Yahoo or Bing or …) for WWE Diva Summer Rae’s Instagram account, you will find the name Danielle Moinet. The Chicago-based fitness model turned WWE Diva has amassed a worldwide following with her sensational social media accounts as well as her performances on WWE television.

“We were shooting a brand new series of supermodel photos in Los Gatos, California,” explains world renowned photographer Christos Sewell, whose work has clearly elevated the status of our #HustleBootyTempTats series. “Timing is, indeed, everything. Summer Rae and I have been trying to put together a shoot for the longest time, and she was in San Jose for an appearance. We were reaching out for other to schedule a shoot, and I said I’m 20 minutes away in Los Gatos! She’s an amazing beauty, and I wanted to capture her with natural light, so at 6am the next morning, with very little sleep and I would even bet a late night gym session, Summer Rae arrived ready to shoot!”

Oh but there’s much more. “Anytime you shoot supermodels, you have to figure into the equation and the budget hair and makeup artists. It just goes along with the territory of photographing women whose living depends on close inspection of … well … EVERYTHING!” Christos noted. “When I explained to Summer Rae the concept of natural sunlight, shooting in the mountains early morning, she loved the all natural concept and told me specifically she didn’t want a hair or makeup person. She just wanted to walk on set, pick out the clothes, and shoot. She has such great confidence, and it’s not arrogance. It’s just the ability to be comfortable in one’s own skin, and I have to tell you she’s a total pro, knows her angles, takes direction magnificently, and has made me a fan of hers! Even though this was as impromptu a photo session as I’ve ever been involved in, I have such high hopes for these pictures because she jumps right off the page!”

Full copyright to the photos goes to Christos Sewell Photography. You can visit his website by click here, and follow him on Twitter here!

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On the New Year’s Eve edition of SmackDown, Tyler Breeze, with Summer Rae, took on Goldust in a one on one match up. Using the ropes to help him get the pin, Tyler is victorious! Summer joins Tyler in the ring with his selfie stick and a mic, before trying to get the attention of the WWE Universe, only to receive boos from the crowd. Summer says that as 2015 comes to an end, her and Tyler have an announcement! She then goes on to talk about other big announcements that happened this year, including Caitlyn Jenner, Kanye West running for president in 2020, and the social media dress debate! Summer says what they are about to announce is way bigger than any of those announcements! Tyler gets the mic, and tells the WWE Universe, that to celebrate the new year, him and Summer have decided to go their separate ways! He says they’re going to leave us with one last selfie, and they take their final selfie to end the segment!

Click here to view SmackDown digitals

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On the special holiday edition of Main Event, Tyler Breeze, with Summer Rae, took on Goldust in a one on one match. Summer took selfies on their selfie stick throughout the match. The match was very back and fourth, until Goldust went to the top rope, and Summer climbed up the steps, distracting him, helping Tyler get the win!

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Get snowed in under an avalanche of alluring photos featuring Summer Rae, Paige, Sasha Banks, and many more Divas in cozy, cute outfits sure to warm your winter.

Click here to view the Cabin Fever Divas photoshoot

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