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Summer Rae, real name Danielle Moinet, is proof that you can do anything with hard work and passion. Before debuting in WWE, she was a player for the LFL's Chicago Bliss, where she became one of the best players in the league. After signing with WWE in 2011, Rae debuted in FCW, and quickly made a name for herself as the First Lady of NXT, Fandango's dancer, and a talented in-ring competitor. She's breezed through many roles in only a few years, working as a ring announcer, general manager, valet, reality star, and wrestler! She was known as one of the most controversial characters on E!'s "Total Divas" for two seasons, before leaving the show. Now she can be seen on WWE's weekly programming, as well as "After Total Divas", Sunday nights on WWE's YouTube channel, along with Renee Young. Another big career highlight, was becoming the first Diva to be cast in a WWE Stuios film, The Marine 4, coming later this year!

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SmackDown Recap March 5, 2015
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Cameron is shown backstage, talking about the Give Divas a Chance movement, and she says it’s about damn time somebody gave her a chance. Summer Rae interrupts, laughing, and asking Cameron if she’s serious. Summer says it’s her time, because it’s summer time, before being interrupted by Eva Marie. Eva tells them as long as she’s around, they have no chance. Eva and Summer storm off and Cameron shouts “girl bye” at them to end the segment.

Main Event Results March 3, 2015
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Summer Rae went head to head with Paige this week on Main Event. Summer show boated, teased the crowd, and even flirted with the referee a little during the match, but Paige came out victorious after making Summer tap out to the PTO. Check out the screencaptures from the match in our gallery now!

The Marine 4 Press Release + Stills
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NoReruns.net has released new information regarding the upcoming WWE Studios film, The Marine 4: Moving Target, starring The Miz and Summer Rae, as well as new stills from the movie!

There is no greater force than an American hero! Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and WWE Studios present the latest installment of the popular franchise The Marine as THE MARINE 4: MOVING TARGET arrives on Digital HD April 10 and on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD April 21.

WWE Superstar Mike “The Miz” Mizanin is back as American hero Jake Carter in an all-new thrill-packed Marine adventure. Now in the private sector, Carter is assigned to protect a “high-value package” – a beautiful whistleblower trying to expose a corrupt military defense contractor. But a heavily armed team of mercenaries has been hired to kill her, along with anyone who gets in their way, and it’s going to take a fearless one-man fighting machine to stop them. Co-starring WWE Diva Summer Rae in her feature film debut, THE MARINE 4: MOVING TARGET is locked and loaded with explosive action from start to finish.

Both the Blu-ray and DVD include featurettes that take audiences behind-the-scenes of THE MARINE 4: MOVING TARGET and also offer a retrospective on the entire film franchise. “Firepower” focuses on the film’s intense gun battles to give fans a first-hand look at what goes into the making of these films. “The Franchise” retraces all of The Marine films with interviews and footage featuring the stars and key action scenes. Lastly, “Beauty is Dangerous” places focus on the ladies of THE MARINE 4: MOVING TARGET and how they can look so good while taking care of business!

The Marine 4 is available for pre-order now on Amazon!

Divas react to Alundra Blayze’s HOF Announce...
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WWE Divas react to Alundra Blayze's Hall of Fame announcement- Raw Fallout, March 2, 2015.mp4_000053124
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Summer made an appearance on RAW Fallout this week, where she shared her thoughts on Alundra Blayze’s Hall of Fame announcement!

RAW Recap March 2, 2015
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The Miz screens his new commercial- Raw, March 2, 2015.mp4_000016700
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Summer Rae is backstage with Cameron, Darren Young, Eva Marie, Fandango, Rosa Mendes, and others, chatting and laughing, until The Miz and Mizdow interrupt. Miz announces he is going to give them the first look at his new commercial. Mizdow tries to stop him, but Miz plays the commercial, which turns out to be something totally different than he thought, but gave Summer and the other Superstars and Divas a good laugh! Watch now!

After Total Divas – March 1, 2015
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Summer Rae and Renee Young recap this week’s episode of Total Divas, with special guest, Cameron, on an all new episode of After Total Divas!

JBL (Not Cole) Show Episode 118
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Summer Rae was on this week’s episode of the JBL (Not Cole) show, and unless you want to miss her and Renee Young singing Destiny’s Child songs, then make sure you check it out!